About Vivienne Von Coffin

Recently crowned Miss Burlesque Adelaide 2018

Vivienne Von Coffin is Adelaide’s multi-award winning, petite powerhouse. Recently crowned Miss Burlesque Adelaide 2018, she claims the stage confidently with an intoxicating gaze and extravagant routines choreographed to perfection. Known for her charismatic and ferocious style of tease, labelled a ‘Rockabilly Tempest’, Von Coffin is a feathered force to be reckoned with. Forget trying to tame these tassels, this formidable performer is as wild as they come.

Since 2013 Von Coffin has been blazing a glittery trail, within the burlesque scene. Beginning with performing in the Australian Burlesque Festival within months of starting burlesque, she then went on to win AAPC Burlesque Babe 2013, gained a Guiness Book of Records entry, became a top 5 finalist in Miss Burlesque SA 2014, took home the title of Burlesque Idol Adelaide 2015 and was most recently crowned Miss Ink Adelaide 2017 and Miss Ink Australia’s ‘Charisma Queen’.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicFacebook

Photo by Brent Leideritz
Fans by Flo Foxworthy


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